Fee payment

Lawyer’s fees and their determination is subject to the Cantonal Act on the Profession of Lawyer (LPAV), in particular its sections 46 and following.

As defined in the Act, “the lawyer is entitled to fees calculated based on the time spent on the matter, its complexity and time required for the execution of the mandate, the importance of the interests at hand, the result achieved and the lawyer’s experience.”

Keen to build a relationship of trust and proximity with her clients, Caroline Matthey-Marchesi will make sure to take into account your financial resources in determining her legal fees.

The first consultation will be billed at a flat fee of CHF 100.- (for a meeting of approximately one hour). The basic hourly rate will then be charged CHF 250.-/hour; this amount is advantageous.

In addition, Caroline Matthey-Marchesi will also accompany you in all your efforts to benefit from legal assistance, for people who are in a difficult financial situation.

It should be clarified that it is common practice to request an advance payment (provision) to cover future transactions and fees of the lawyer in handling a matter.